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Basement Waterproofing and Crawl Space Repair Services in Glenside, PA

For over 30 years, Jamison Basement Waterproofing has been serving the residents of PA and NJ, offering the best solutions for wet basements, problem crawl spaces. Jamison Basement Waterproofing is the only company in offering the Healthy Basement and Healthy Crawl Spaces certificates. With proper maintenance, certified basements and crawl spaces are protected against future problems by the best waterproofing technologies in industry.

Jamison Basement Waterproofing is proud to be the sole authorized, and certified Healthy Basement Crawlspace Contractor for Greater Philladelphia & surrounding areas in PA and NJ with the Grate Products National Contractor Network.

Jamison Basement Waterproofing Services in Glenside, PA

At Jamison Basement Waterproofing, we offer a variety of services from foundation repairs to basement windows. We offer the following services in your area:


iBasement Systems & Crawl Space Systems Certificates in the Philadelphia Area

The iBasement Systems and Crawl Space Systems Certificates were created using specific sets of criteria to provide a healthy indoor living environment. Air pollutants and excessive moisture levels in the basement or crawl space can negatively impact the odors in the home as well as cause health problems with those who live there year-round - including yourself!

We offer 6 levels of iBasement Certificate, and 5 levels Crawl Space Systems Certificate, each designed to solve specific problems and protect your home, family, and property value on the long run.

Steps towards a healthy basement and a Nationally Backed Warranty.

All of our Healthy Basement / Crawl Space Contractors are trained and certified.

Steps towards a healthy crawl space and a Nationally Backed Warranty.

All of our Healthy Basement / Crawl Space Contractors are trained and certified.

Why Customers in Glenside, PA choose Jamison Basement Waterproofing

There are many reasons why you should trust Jamison Basement Waterproofing to fix your wet basement or foundation issues, among many other residential problems. Here are just a few reasons why we're the best choice:

  • Over 30 years of experience and reputation in Philadelphia  & nearby towns in PA & NJ – we are a company you can trust.
  • Locally owned and operated.
  • The most advanced waterproofing products available.
  • The most certified waterproofing specialists (CWS) in the Northeast. Our  certified basement waterproofing specialists are available to address even the most challenging basement issues.
  • Expertly trained project managers who design best-in-class systems and oversee every Jamison Basement Waterproofing project.
  • Fully insured - we carry general liability, truck insurance and all our employees are covered by worker's compensation insurance.
  • Basement Health Association member
    (CSRS) Certified Structural Repair Specialist on staff.

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Completed Jobs from Glenside, PA

  • Meghan R from Glenside, PA
    January 06, 2022
  • Wilber B from Glenside, PA
    November 27, 2021
  • Phil J from Glenside, PA
    July 24, 2020
    Exterior stairwell drain that ties into our #GrateSump On the interior.
  • Tony S from Glenside, PA
    February 28, 2020
    Our certified waterproofing specialist Steve Custus went out to inspected the inside and outside of this home. He met with the homeowner to design a custom basement waterproofing solution that would fit his needs .Steve learned that heavy rains left the homeowner with a very wet basement. Since then, the issue was only getting worse in worse .Steve provided the client with a healthy basement level 1 , which consist of a partial perimeter GrateDrain drainage system and our patent GrateSump ..Victor lead the crew by first digging out for the GrateSump hole and large perimeter trench to install the GrateDrain Then we backfilled the treated areas with clean gravel and new, hand-poured finished concrete.Our GrateDrain system will control water seepage before it enters this basement. The most important component to protecting any wet basement is our very efficient GrateSump ...Last we installed some yard drainage to prevent pooling in the back yard . Now the homeowners can finally have peace in mind that they have a dry basement..If you’re in Glenside PA area please give us a call 215-885-2424
  • Dan C from Glenside, PA
    March 05, 2019
    Jamison Basement Waterproofing sent project managers Steve C out who personally replaced over 500 basement windows. Steve went out and measured the window and put in a special order for the custom window,because the window not only had a Dyer vent coming through but also the radio suction pvc pipe . The homeowner was pretty shocked at how quick the job the installation crew installed the new window..For all your basement windows needs please give us a call at Jamison Basement Waterproofing.
  • Paul L from Glenside, PA
    June 24, 2018
  • Peter C from Glenside, PA
    June 11, 2018
    The first step to fixing this crawlspace was to remove the debris and to level it out. In doing this our team had to remove trash, rocks, and wood. We put our crawlshield moisture vapor barrier down on the floor and walls of the crawlspace. We then wrapped the piers and installed a high volume high efficient dehumidifier.
  • Lou R from Glenside, PA
    November 29, 2017
    Project Manager Steve Custus went out to give the homeowner multiple options on egress windows . Steve educated the homeowner on why it’s less disruptive to install the egress window before the basement is finished . Steve started out by pulling permits with the local township after getting approval. The installation crew showed up at 7:30am and began installation they started by hand digging out for the well , than removal of the foundation to make the existing window large enough for a person exit in case of an emergency. After installing the new window it’s time to attach the well and backfill ..Now the homeowner can move on to phase two of the finish basement process.Project manager Steve Custus Crew Foreman Dwight Custus
  • Steven D from Glenside, PA
    October 11, 2017
    The hard working Jamison Waterproofing crew installed the full perimeter (closed) Drainage system along the inside perimeter of the foundation and drained the system into a GrateSump sump pump. Together, the GrateDrain and GrateSump will work together to keep this basement dry for the life of the home .The GrateDrain system is an effective and reliable way to solve water problems in basements. It is a specially engineered piping system that is installed along the inside perimeter of the foundation along side the basement footer .GrateDrain has large holes in the back and front to accept heavy water flow After the Vapor barrier was installed the crews hooked up the GrateDrain with the Grate sump pump. The GrateSump canremove $2400 gph The homeowner was beyond thrilled with the results.Crew Foreman:;Derek Price
  • Keith E from Glenside, PA
    September 26, 2017
    The project manager Steve Custus from Jamison Basement Waterproofing was able to give this homeowner the help they needed in waterproofing their basement! The installation crew started by installing a GrateSump sump pump system, which drains water out and away to prevent the basement from flooding, as well as an freeze stop to protect the drainage pipe from freezing during the cold winter months, ensuring water will flow smoothly down the driveway away from the basement.The Jamison Basement Waterproofing team then installed the GrateDrain Drainage system under the concrete floor around the perimeter of the belico area with clean outs ports for future inspection .Now this homeowner can say goodbye to their wet basement ! Project SummaryCrew Foremen: Derek Price Project Manager: Steve C
  • Anu B from Glenside, PA
    November 01, 2016
    We installed a Grate Sump with partial drainage system for ground water seepage .
  • Ryan C from Glenside, PA
    September 26, 2016
    Our project manager Steve went out to meet with Ryan and after a quick meeting Steve knew exactly what it would take to fix the problem for good . Since Steve has been a Foremen for the past 10 years he knows that mud is the killer any drainage system so he educated Ryan on first we would need to stop the mud from washing in than replace his clog drainage system with no inspection ports with are state-of-the-art Grate Drain drainage system with inspection ports for routine maintenance. We also installed full vapor barrier so Ryan could finish his basement in the future. Also a entry way doorway drain to capture water from leaking belico stops .
  • Gwen P from Glenside, PA
    October 04, 2017
    Project Manager Steve Custus went out to meet with the homeowner and give her a few different options. To take care of the ground water seepage problem Steve recommend the GrateSump and Grate-Drain (closed Drainage ) system , and to keep the humidity below 50% Steve recommend and high volume high efficient dehumidifier and the final piece to the puzzle was painting the walls and floor to give the basement a face lift...
  • Juliette A from Glenside, PA
    September 06, 2017
    Project manager Steve Custus recommended a subfloor (closed) pressure relief Drainage system with many clean-outs ports for annual inspection to manage the heavy ground water seepage (Grate-Drain) and remove it from the the foundation before it could cause any further damage . He also recommended a new air-tight Grate Sump pumpthat can remove 2400 Gallons of water per hour from the basement .The homeowners appreciate the fact that this system offered a lifetime warranty thats transferable to the next homeowners if and when they decide to sell .
  • Customers Reviews from Glenside, PA

  • Ayla H. from Glenside, PA
    October 14, 20
    Overall Rating: 0 stars
      Excellent service starting from the quotation to installation. Well done. Thank you!
    • Annemarie W. from Glenside, PA
      September 23, 19
      Overall Rating: 0 stars
        Very professional and friendly people to work with.
      • Geohags from Glenside, PA
        May 22, 19
        Overall Rating: 0 stars
          Kept me informed step by step. Careful, professional work, I will use Jameson again.
        • Geohags from Glenside, PA
          April 6, 19
          Overall Rating: 0 stars
            Kept me involved throughout the process.
          • Andrea L. from Glenside, PA
            March 18, 19
            Overall Rating: 0 stars
              The experience working with the entire Jamison team was exemplary. Steve took me through the whole process from beginning to end. I felt informed and comfortable. The day of the install I was expecting to have a stressful day, but the crew was polite, clean and very efficient. I would recommend Jamison highly. I put off doing the waterproofing project for my basement for years and wish now that I had done it sooner.
            • Melissa P. from Glenside, PA
              December 30, 18
              Overall Rating: 0 stars
                Jamison came and turned our dark, wet, musty basement into a bright clean dry space ready to be finished! Project manager Steve Custis was extremely knowledgeable about what my basement needed and took the time to answer my MANY questions about the waterproofing process. He did not oversell me on products that I was not interested in, and he gave me several estimates to consider with various price ranges of products used. His crew was friendly, punctual and able to completely waterproof my basement and install a new egress window in less than one week with minamal clean up required on my part: I had to wipe down my kitchen due to a small amount of dust that had settled on some surfaces (to be expected with major construction). Several weeks after the work was completed there was a very minor issue where the newly installed vapor barrier was coming away from the wall. When I contacted Steve he was quick to reply and wanted to come out and fix it the very next day (Thanksgiving!). Working with Steve and his crew at Jamison was an absolute pleasure! I only wish we had waterproofed our basement with them sooner. The peace of mind I now have when it rains, knowing that I dont need to shopvac my basement, has been life changing! Thank you Jamison.
              • Paul L. from Glenside, PA
                June 23, 18
                Overall Rating: 0 stars
                  I would like to thank you guys and Norman for a job well done.
                • Loretta B. from Glenside, PA
                  April 8, 18
                  Overall Rating: 0 stars
                    The team of guys that came to my house, were very professional, super organized, and know what they are doing! They installed my grate drain system in what seemed like no time at all, and the result looks amazing. They put down protective paper in all areas that they walked in and left my laundry room cleaner than how they found it. I would highly recommend them to everyone!
                  • Manley M. from Glenside, PA
                    April 5, 18
                    Overall Rating: 0 stars
                      Local Family owned Business, the whole process was very professional. I will definitely be telling my family and friends.
                    • Jim S. from Glenside, PA
                      January 26, 18
                      Overall Rating: 0 stars
                        I picked Jamison because of their long history of business. The installation crew was hard working and easy to talk to. I was very satisfied!
                      • Lou R. from Glenside, PA
                        January 3, 18
                        Overall Rating: 0 stars
                          I really like the way the finish window looks. I thought all the work was first rate. The job was expensive and I wasn’t sure I should be spending the money but now that it it’s done I’m happy that I did . Thank you.
                        • Steve D. from Glenside, PA
                          October 16, 17
                          Overall Rating: 0 stars
                            When you want it done right use Jamison. They are very efficient and professional. Very positive.
                          • Gwen P. from Glenside, PA
                            October 10, 17
                            Overall Rating: 0 stars
                              These guys were well mannered/professional and neat workers beside the erro they made when drilling the Sump pump discharge line to high and ending up in my living room everything went smooth. Steven Custus was very helpful with over seeing things.
                            • Juliette A. from Glenside, PA
                              September 27, 17
                              Overall Rating: 0 stars
                                We finally had our basement waterproofed after years of flooding and water issues. We had 5 estimates by different companies done. Jamison was the winner because of the grate drain system they use, the warranty, and the reasonable price. They didn't act like salesmen and wrote up an estimate based on what we actually needed. Whenever I had a question, Steve was quick to reply and knowledgeable. I was happy with the work and the crew took care tidy up, even covering the floors with paper from door to door. When we were concerned about a loose spot in the concrete, a repair was made within a week. In the end, our basement is dry for the first time, Steve&his crew were friendly, and I'm pleased with the quality of work.
                              • Daniel G. from Glenside, PA
                                February 8, 17
                                Overall Rating: 0 stars
                                  I got two local estimates and I slightly preferred Jamison project manager over the other guy. They did a good job!
                                • Betty D. from Glenside, PA
                                  October 4, 12
                                  Overall Rating: 0 stars
                                    Reasonable local company with good pricing.
                                  • Bill F. from Glenside, PA
                                    January 18, 12
                                    Overall Rating: 0 stars
                                      I was referred to Jamison by a friend who had work done by them. I was amazed that how quick they were able to dry my basement, just two days and I had a Dry Basement!
                                    • Jane T. from Glenside, PA
                                      December 2, 11
                                      Overall Rating: 0 stars
                                        I contacted Jamison Basement Waterproofing because of the mold issues in my basement the moisture levels were very High. They were excellent, on time efficient, polite. It's Always a pleasure to work with Jamison.
                                      • William P. from Glenside, PA
                                        January 28, 17
                                        Overall Rating: 0 stars
                                          I chose Jamison because of their Reputation & Price. They were very quick & efficient!
                                        • William W. from Glenside, PA
                                          September 5, 12
                                          Overall Rating: 0 stars
                                            The appearance of your Buildings (Neat & Clean ) plus the project manager was very prompt. I was very happy with the workmanship but the clean up could of been a little bit better. Dave Rantanen was very helpful, easy to work with and addressed my concerns in a professional manner.
                                          • Adam C. from Glenside, PA
                                            July 21, 14
                                            Overall Rating: 0 stars
                                              I contacted Jamison because I need a new Sump pump they came out and was very professional I was very satisfied with the price and installation.
                                            • Anu B. from Glenside, PA
                                              November 27, 16
                                              Overall Rating: 0 stars
                                                I chose Jamison because of their Angie's List reviews. The project manager was persistent and the installation crew was very thorough & Professional .
                                              • Ardeth A. from Glenside, PA
                                                January 14, 16
                                                Overall Rating: 0 stars
                                                  My neighbor was having work done by Jamison & I called the number on the lawn sign. The estimator was great and the installation crew was very nice.
                                                • Christine A. from Glenside, PA
                                                  October 18, 11
                                                  Overall Rating: 0 stars
                                                    I used Jamison to replace my Sump pump battery back up. They were quick and efficient.
                                                  • M. G. from Glenside, PA
                                                    March 8, 12
                                                    Overall Rating: 0 stars
                                                      They were efficient, clean & respectful. I chose you guys because of your Reputation on Angie's list.
                                                    • E. J. from Glenside, PA
                                                      July 10, 11
                                                      Overall Rating: 0 stars
                                                        I waited until after a heavy rain to fill this survey out and I must say the Basement is dry as a bone. Thanks!
                                                      • T. G. from Glenside, PA
                                                        January 11, 12
                                                        Overall Rating: 0 stars
                                                          Gentleman did a great job they were polite through out the whole process. You may use me as a reference.
                                                        • Linda C. from Glenside, PA
                                                          October 11, 11
                                                          Overall Rating: 0 stars
                                                            I choose Jamison because of their BBB rating and I am very pleased, neat, quiet and professional.
                                                          • Betty B. from Glenside, PA
                                                            May 2, 12
                                                            Overall Rating: 0 stars
                                                              I choose Jamison because of the long years of experience and the lifetime warranty. The installation crew was very personable and confident. You guys may use me as a reference. Thanks Jamison!
                                                            • Ryan C. from Glenside, PA
                                                              November 29, 16
                                                              Overall Rating: 0 stars
                                                                Steve and his team were very professional and polite. They arrived early and stayed until the job was done and all of my questions were answered. Very clean. Would highly recommend!